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Everything you need to know before buying Windows, Doors or a Conservatory

PVC Front Doors

The main entrance to your home but what else do you need to know about PVC front Doors?

Many homes in the UK have PVC doors installed as the main entrance door. PVC front doors are still one of largest types of exterior doors available today.

They are the main entrance to your home and the first thing visitors see.  A good door can make a property look exceptional where as a badly choose uPVC door can make a property look dated and tired.

A PVC door, unlike a composite or wooden door, is made nearly entirely PVC with steel to reinforce and hardware to open and lock the door.

There is more to the door than just the panel, also look at the handles, letterbox, glass etc. all other these thing chosen well will increase the look of a door.

Benefits of PVC Doors

One of the primary benefits and possibly the first one that springs to mind is that you no longer have to paint your door every couple of years as a PVC door just requires cleaning and often will continue to look good for years to come. Also with new locking systems they are more secure and even lower home insurance premiums.

How are PVC doors made?

Modern PVC doors with multipoint looking systems are extremely secure; good companies will supply steel reinforced PVC doors and these are, this means that all the hinges, handles, locks etc. are installed in to steel for increased security. The PVC panels in PVC doors can be the weak point in PVC panel doors, but you can request steel or wood reinforced.  This stops intruders from kicking in the panel.

PVC doors are usually a PVC sash hung in a PVC frame with a panel glazed in. There are literally 1000's of door panel design that can suite any requirement. You can also get PVC doors in other colours other than white, Rosewood or oak are also very popular.

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               A Bad PVC Door Choice >>


PVC Door Quotes

If you are looking for new PVC doors then I suggest you get 3 quotes and look at all designs available

Remember that there are still difference in hardware, locking systems and installations so request to see other work carried out the the area.  Ask to see a same of the door lock and see how easy they are to open and lock.


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