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Everything you need to know before buying Windows, Doors or a Conservatory

Tesco Windows


Well it has finally happened the largest supermarket chain in the UK has started to advertise the supply and installation of new double glazed windows doors and conservatories.  The claims are very high such as:-

  • No Salesmen
  • No False Pricing
  • No Gimmicks
  • No Pressure

In fact they claim that it is as simple as just a 45 minute no pressure appointment with one of their no trained surveyors. The prices quoted on their website also look very attractive but very limited in the detail of the quality and specification of the windows.

Their claimed “visible different way” is a list of standard and accreditation

    Insurance Backed 10 guarantee

    FENSA registered installer

    CRB checked Surveyors and installers

I would expect no less from any professional company installing windows or doors in the UK, these are nothing special

The question is TESCO can sell carrots and cat food and even sell BBQ’s and Plasma TV’s but can they sell and install windows?

Double Club Card Points

Possible the biggest USP is the attraction of double club card points, something that no other double glazing installer can boost.  However as suggested on other pages they are not free but included in the cost of the windows and the reward can only be spend in a TESCO store!

You usually buy your weekly food shop at Tesco - now Tescowindows.com will fit your new windows

Who is really surveying and fitting TESCO’s Windows

As with alot of the services offered by TESCO and many other major UK supermarkets such as flowers sold by TESCO delivered by interflora, this service is actually through a third party called JOB WORTH DOING.  This name may not mean much but is actually part of the My House Group, again may not mean much but Zenith / Staybright and Weatherseal are also part of the My House Group this give a bigger picture.

Zenith / Staybright and Weatherseal have been selling windows doors and conservatories for many years now and are quite notorious for high pressure selling techniques in the past so is seem a little strange that TESCO is paring with this supply and installer of windows.

The biggest problem with TESCO windows is the some problem with all national windows companies, it is pot luck weather you get a good or bad service from the surveyor or fitter and trust me they will all be commission based and price lead.

I am not saying it will be bad but remember that is there is a problem with the windows you won’t be able to walk into your local TESCO store and complain, unlike a local company with local showrooms.

What are the Benefits of TESCO Windows

As with anything there are certain benefits from using TESCO double glazing, other than double club card points of course. You will have access directly to TESCO finance which can be very useful for large purchased like windows of a new conservatory and many small to mid size companies can offer this facility. Also as tesco are putting their name to this you can bet they will not let Job worth doing do anything that will bring them bad publicity

The Future for Supermarket Windows

Is this a trend and are we likely to see Asda Windows or Sainsbury’s Windows, I think we will and there may be some negotiating for the higher brand supermarkets like Marks & Spencers windows and Watrose Windows.

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Tesco Windows


TESCO the UK biggest supermarket chain have now started the advertising of windows, doors and conservatories but are they any good?

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