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Condensation on Windows

What causes condensation on double glazed windows

What is condensation on windows?

Condensation on windows is just water no more no less. There are only 3 places that water condinsates on double glazed units

    1) Inside the house

    2) Outside the House

    3) Between the 2 pains of glass

It is important to differentiate between all 3 as the causes and resolution for each is compleatly different.

The simple test for this is try and wipe off the condensation. If is gathering on the inside it can be wipped off within the room.  If it is on the outer skin it can be wipped off from the outside, if you cant wipe it off it all it is between the 2 pains.

Condensation on windows inside of the house

So the water is condensation inside of the house.  Remember that glass does not make water, the water comes from somewhere else.  Either drying washing, leaking roof, even a human sleep sweats 4 cups of water a day. The reason that the water condensates on the window not anywhere else is that is the coldest part of the room. The biggest complaints for condensation on windows is after they have been replaced by new PVC windows. The old windows allowed the water to escape they they where drafty or badly sealed, changing the windows has locked the water in the room.

How to stop the condensation

This is very simple, you need to let the water out.  Either open windows during the day, instal of dehumidifier or ask a local window company to install permanent trickle vents


Water on windows between the pains

This is also a very common complaint.  This is plain and simple breakdown of a sealed unit.  When a double glazed unit is manufactured it is made air tight, so no water can get in. If this seal breaks down then water get in and cant get out.

How to stop the condensation

Unfortunately this is simple and costly, this only way to resolve this problem permanently is to replace the double glazed unit.  However look for you guarantee as often this is covered for 10 years.


Condensation on windows outside of the house

This is a fairly new problem on comes from very efficient ‘A’ rated windows as the heat doesn’t escape from the house, which is a good thing, but the out pain is cold so water condinsated just like your car windscreen in the morning.

How to stop the condensation

Unfortunately you cant spot this phenomena it is a by product of ‘A’ rated windows sorry




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